Famous collector of plants N.S. Turczaninow

M.G. Kholodny Institute of botany NAS of Ukraine


N.S. Turczaninov's herbarium collection of type specimens of new species

All the type specimens of N.S. Turczaninow's herbarium collection are mounted, systematised and registered as a separate collection. The corresponding card-index is composed and analysed according to the taxonomic and geographic principles. The collection contains 1120 herbarium specimens representatives of 76 families and 436 genera. The largest number of species N.S. Turczaninow described from such families as Myrtaceae, Compositae, Leguminosae, Sterculiaceae, etc. The collection represents species of flora from six continents and many ocean islands, mainly of tropic countries. It included significant numbers of South American and Indian plants as well as specimens from Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa and south-eastern and eastern Asia. The herbarium specimens which the scientist has obtained in exchange from different botanical collections of many explorers of the Earth's flora of the first half of the 19 th century were originals for N.S. Turczaninow's new descriptions.