Famous collector of plants N.S. Turczaninow

M.G. Kholodny Institute of botany NAS of Ukraine



One of the best known worldwide is the personal collection of M. Turczaninow (also spelt as Turchaninov, 1796-1863). It consists of 150 000 herbarium sheets (53 000 species), collected by the founder of the collection himself, and also resulted from his exchange with botanists who worked in many countries of the world. Specimens of A.P. De Candolle, J.D. Hooker, E. Boissier, T. Thomson, N. Wallich, R. Brown, G. Bentham, J. Drummond, J. Linden, T. Kotschy, R. Hohenacker and others collected in Europe, Asia Minor, Central and Southwestern Asia, Oceania, Australia, Africa and America are preserved in the collection. M. Turczaninow described 172 new genera and 1563 new species from different regions of the globe, and the type material of these taxa is deposited mainly at the KW Herbarium. The collection of nomenclatural types of taxa described by M. Turczaninow (1120 specimens) was separated from his other specimens.



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