The Institute of Botany consists of 10 research departments, the Interdepartmental Integrated Laboratory of Protected Areas, Experimental Station, Computer Centre, Scientific Library, and Editorial and Publishing Department. The Institute is the main institution in Ukraine and one of the leading institutions in Europe in studies of biodiversity at all levels of its organization related to vascular and cryptogamic plants and fungi.The basis for scientific investigations is formed by the unique collections accumulated by several generations of botanists, the herbarium of vascular, non-vascular plants and fungi, as well as the created in last decades the collection of living fungi and the algotheca. All collections include more than 1.6 million specimens. The Herbarium and the collection of fungal cultures are listed as the National Heritage objects.
The Institute is also the main implementing organisation in the "Space Biology" program within the framework of the National Space Program of Ukraine.

2, Tereshchenkivska st., 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine

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