Council of Young Investigators




Main assignment of Council of Young Scientists activity is assistance of young scientists creative growth and increase of their scientific level, coordination of research activities of young scientists and Ph.D. students of Institute, establishing linkages between young botanist.

Main destinations of activity of the Council of Young Scientists is organization of conferences of young botanist, scientific seminars for young scientists, and also holding of botanic internships for students.

Every year the International Conference of Young Scientists «Advances in Botany and Ecology» are occur with initiatives of Council of Young Scientists.



Staff of the Young Scientists Council
of the M.G. Kholodny Institute of botany of NASU


Chairperson – Dr. Polishchuk O. (Department of Membranology and Phytochemistry):
Vice-chairperson – Maria Zykova (Department of Mycology):
Secretary – Tetyana Karpiuk (Department of Vascular Plants Systematics):


Members of the Council:
Viktoria Berezovska (Department of Phycology):
Dr. Vasyl Brykov (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy):
Dr. Denis Vynokurov (Department of Geobotany and Ecology):
Vadym Datsiuk (Department of Geobotany and Ecology):
Dr. Andriy Mosyakin (Department of Geobotany and Ecology):
Dr. Valeria Pavlenko-Barysheva (Laboratory of Micromorphology and Paleolalinology):
Dr. Oleksandr Polishchuk (Department of Membranology and Phytochemistry):