Department of Systematics and Floristics of Vascular Plants


Head of Department: – Correspondent member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prof. Dr. Sergiy L. Mosyakin

Tel.: +38 (044) 2350374



Scientific activity


List of researchers

Dr. Iryna A. Korotchenko head of laboratory,,
Dr. Zoya M. Tsymbalyuk head of laboratory,
Prof. Dr. Svetlana M. Ziman head scientific researcher.,
Prof. Dr. Valentyna M. Micharchenko principal scientific researcher (за сумісн.),
Dr. Viktor A. Onyschenko principal scientific researcher
Prof. Dr. Vira V. Protopopova principal scientific researcher,
Dr. Mykola M. Fedoronchuk principal scientific researcher
Dr. Myroslav V. Shevera principal scientific researcher,
Dr. Lyudmyla G. Bezusko senior scientific researcher
Dr. Ganna V. Boyko senior scientific researcher,
Dr. Olena V. Bulakh senior scientific researcher,
Dr. Igotr G. Olshanskyi senior researcher
Dr. Iryna A. Tymchenko senior scientific researcher,
Dr. Olga M. Tsarenko senior scientific researcher,
Dr. Natalia M. Shiyan senior scientific researcher, curator of the KW Herbarium,
Dr. Tetyana S. Dvirna scientific researcher,
Dr. Lyudmyla V. Zavialova scientific researcher,;
Dr. Svitlana L. Zhygalova scientific researcher,
Dr. Maryna D. Burlaka junior scientific researcher,
Iryna I. Diachenko pricipal inzener
Olena I. Krasnial pricipal inzener,
Lyudmyla M. Nitsenko pricipal inzener
Alisa V. Shumilova inzener of 1 category





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