Department of Geobotany and Ecology


Head of Department:Ya.P. Didukh, Prof., Dr. Biol. Sci., Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (044) 2353396; +38 (044) 2348334



Research activities


List of researchers

Shelyag-Sosonko Yuriy R. Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Prof., Dr. Biol. Sci.
Dubyna Dmytro V. Main research fellow, Prof., Dr. Biol. Sci.
Tkachenko Vasyl S. Leading research fellow, Dr. Biol. Sci.
Ustymenko Pavlo M. Leading research fellow, Dr. Biol. Sci.
Vakarenko Ludmila P. Senior research fellow, Ph.D.
Dziuba Tetiana P. Senior research fellow, Ph.D.
Fitsailo Tetiana V. Senior research fellow, Ph.D.
Davydov Denis A. Research fellow, Ph.D.
Dvoretskyi Taras V. Research fellow, Ph.D.
Mosyakin Andriy S. Research fellow, Ph.D.
Chetvertnykh Irina S. Research fellow, Ph.D.
Tymoshenko Pavlo A. Junior research fellow, Ph.D.
Iemelianova Svitlana M. Junior research fellow, Ph.D.
Vynokurov Denis S. Leading engineer
Daciuk Vadym V. Leading engineer
Dovzhenko Svitlana O. Leading engineer
Poliovyi Yeugen V. Leading engineer
Chusova Olga O. Leading engineer
Olshevska Inna A. Graduate student
Polishchuk Yulia V. Graduate student
Pikulyk Lubov I. Graduate student








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